This Week’s Learning

Topic: We began the week by designing our own moving vehicle and then we went on to make this. Once we made it, we then evaluated our vehicle and thought about what we liked and what we would change next time. We then took part in a science experiment to identify the effect that different surfaces would have on a moving car. After, we looked at different types of trains and how they have changed over time. Finally, we looked at George Stephenson and explained why he was an important individual.

Maths: We started the week by solving doubling questions involving 1 digit numbers. We then went on to doubling two-digit numbers by partitioning. After, we began to look at halving questions and discussed that halving is the inverse of doubling. We then went onto halving two-digit numbers by partitioning. Finally, we used what we had learnt to solve different doubling and halving problems.


This homework set for this week includes an activity for them to practise the subtraction facts for number bonds to 20. This activity can be done orally or if the children would like to make a poster of any kind to support their learning they are free to do so. Children have been sent home spellings today that focus on understanding and spelling the ‘l’ sound spelt ‘el’ at the end of a word and a list of common exception words. We will have a spelling quiz for these on Friday 24th January.